At Woodbine Equestrian Center, we take pride in providing the finest care for your equine partner.  Our facilities are superior when it comes to safety, comfort, and usability for both horse and rider.  We provide a well-ventilated barn and two-acre turnouts, all surrounded by horse-safe PVC fencing.  Our indoor arena is attached to the barn, adding to the convenience of our boarders.

Our care and feeding programs are developed from years of experience.  Managing the well-being of your horse is of utmost concern for us; after all, our personal horses live here too!  Our feeding program consists of twice daily feedings, as well as providing your horse with high quality hay.  We regularly assess your horse’s needs and will recommend a variety of vitamin or mineral supplements according to your horse’s basic feed and work requirements.  Call Hailey to schedule an appointment (609) 861-2506. Training and lessons are also available for additional fees.